VBa Developer.

Odd Jobs! Why "Odd Jobs"? For two reasons:

Firstly, we do the odd job here and there.

Secondly, the jobs we are asked to do are strange, as in unusual and normally not believed to be possible, hence they are "odd".

What sort of programs do we do? Basically whatever you require. Although it is all done in Excel VBa (2000 to 2013), do not try and predetermine if it can or cannot be done. Most of the completed tasks the customer did not actually expect it to be possible. Most of the requests are for short term fixes to problems due to insufficient in-house resources at the time. Yet several years later the programs have not been replaced, simply because they still meet the requirements or the resources are still not available!

Here are some outline examples of what has been done before:

  • Convert from probe wafer map to pick and place equipment map.
    We have also done the opposite, take pick and place wafer PRS (Pattern Recognition System) scanned map and convert for prober, to avoid ink dots.

  • Convert wafer map formats.

  • Create interface program. Given an input and output format, convert from one to the other. We never knew what either the input or output data was. This is not required if your specification is specific and clear enough.

  • Analyse multiple test result files and produce customised failure analysis report.

  • Interrogate provided stores inventory list and test results for each component and match components for optimum assembly build to maximise performance and yield.

  • Convert assembly machine ascii output file to a usable format.

  • Electrical and Thermal models.

  • When requested, make program unusable outside of specified environment.

  • To date we have not been asked to do any die bonder maps. This would be interesting. . .

For an RFQ (Request For Quote) please e-mail specification of requirements to the e-mail on the contacts page. Please make the specification as complete as possible as any extra work not in the original procurement specification will result in extra charges.

Thank you for your interest in our site.